Event Management Details

By admin

December 1, 2020

Event Management – Any kind of event whether it is an award function or a music launch event, it requires good and perfect planning.

The planning of such events is done by the event manager. Explain that event management is also a course like medical and engineering.

After doing this course, you can plan or organize many events – big or small, such as birthday party, seminar, promotion of film, get-together, business meeting etc.

Apart from this, you can also work for multinational companies. If you also like to organize or plan such a program, then you can also enroll in this course.

Event manager job

The job of an event manager is very challenging. The event manager is responsible for organizing any social event.

Event managers mainly organize events for fashion shows, concerts, wedding ceremonies, theme parties, exhibitions, celebrity shows, musical concerts, corporate seminars, product launching, premiere events.

The event manager has to book hotels and halls, decorations, entertainment, design a menu for lunch/dinner, welcoming the guest keeping in mind the client’s budget.

An event manager also has to plan for professional, personal and focused events.

Event Manager Properties
To make a career in the field , you must also have some qualities along with educational qualifications. If you also have these qualities then you can make a career as an event manager. It is very important to have the below quality inside the manager of an event.
 Creativity is very important in you.
 To manage any kind of event, it is very important to be your planning perfect.
 You must also have an understanding of the budget to work according to the clients budget.
 Along with your communication skills, your presentation skills should also be good.
 In addition, you should also have leadership quality.
 It is necessary to have good knowledge of marketing and business field.

Educational Qualification

Many courses are being conducted for the study of event management. Some of these courses are of 6 months, then some courses take a year or more. To take admission in this course, your minimum educational qualification should be a 12th pass. You can take admission in an event management course even after graduation.

Course Duration

Many courses are conducted separately . Some courses can be done after twelfth and you must have a bachelor’s degree to do some courses. You can do any event management course according to your educational qualification.
 Course Name: Diploma in Event Management
 Course duration: 1 year
 Course Name: Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management
 Course duration: 1 year
 Course Name: Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management and Public

 Course Name: Advanced Diploma in Event Management
 Course Name: Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management and Activation

Where is the scope
After doing the course, you can work in the position of the event manager in any good company. Along with this, in which company you can also do a consultant job.
 As an event manager, you can work in an event management company.
 Not only National, you can also work in International Event Management Company.
 You can also open your own event management company.

Event manager salary

Event managers are paid according to their work. Many companies offer a regular monthly salary to their employees.

At many places, event managers are given salaries according to every event. Early in career freshers can earn anywhere from Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 per day.

You can earn from Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000 for every event based on your experience and creativity. After some time, due to increasing experience, you can easily get from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh for every event.