Wedding events

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November 27, 2020

Wedding events Brilliant and banging wedding is everyone’s dream. But for this money also has to be spent fiercely.

If you want to spend less money on the grand Wedding events preparations, then I can help you. For, budget-friendly wedding planning tips can be useful for you.

if we talked about Irfan Pathan’s Wedding events Planner. He said that the cost of Irfan’s wedding was Rs 2.5 crore in the media, while this is not the truth.

I am fully aware that their wedding expenses were much less. It is the wedding season and if you also want to get more accolades for less expenses on your wedding,

then understand the tips of India’s Best Wedding Planner Ankur Gaur and Sarita. Irfan’s wedding expenses? Ankur’s wedding to former cricketer Irfan Pathan was planned.

When I asked Ankur about the cost of Irfan’s wedding, he refused to give information about it.

But he definitely said that there was very little expense in his marriage. In fact, many brands support name-fame individuals, so spending at such weddings is not as much as anticipated.

You do not hesitate to go to the Wedding Planner by relying on any news. Wedding planning for less Both Ankur and Sarita say that the cost of the wedding depends on you.

According to the budget in which you want to get married, you plan the wedding planner.

Therefore, you should clearly tell the wedding planner your budget. Choose one from fabric and flower Ankur said, ‘Fabric-based decoration can reduce your wedding expenses to a great extent.

On the other hand, if you have to decorate with flowers, then the wedding costs double. Therefore, it would be right to plan for a fabric-based wedding.

If you can get flowers for less money then you can also use flowers. ‘ How to decorate a wedding ground space? Empty space on the wedding venue can sting any visitor.

If you want to fill this space for less, then use the round table here. Apart from this, if you want, you can keep some big decorative things in the center.

This will maintain the Center of Attraction. Using small things to fill this space can increase your budget.

These tips from Ankur can greatly benefit those planning a wedding. Wedding Food Cost Cutting Ankur said that at weddings, keep the main course short.

It also costs more money and people eat less, loss more. Therefore, get stalls of Panipuri, Chaat and Chowmin etc. placed in the starter.

People also like these things and the expenditure on them will be less. There will also be no eating vest. But do not skimp on feeding guests in the process of saving money.

By applying the idea of the number of guests coming to the wedding, you can make food with a confectioner or chef.

In this way you can feed good food to friends and guests for less. Wedding Theme Don’t be afraid to set a wedding theme for fear of spending.

Ankur also gave many ideas for the wedding theme. These will make your marriage special. Also, you do not have to spend a lot on this. Color-based theme Ankur says that one can do color based theme planning cheaply.

You can make a particular color a wedding theme according to your choice and belief.

According to this color, there will be a wedding pavilion and a wedding dress, etc. This will bring a special feel to marriage.

Element based theme The element-based theme will cost a little more than the color based one.

For example, if you have selected your wedding theme to Lotus, Rose (Lotus, Rose). In such a situation, Lotus will appear in different places from your wedding card. You can select it according to your tradition.

If you want to do something unique, then the cost may increase. Meet the new wedding planner or not?

Sarita Harpale said that new wedding planners can make your wedding special in the least budget.

Do not be afraid to make a plan considering them as new. Meet them and maybe after understanding the plan, you will get an idea of their work.